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The Rotary Graffiti
Last Updated on Nov.25,1996
Japanese version is here.

I Like Rotary Rocket

However, I like the Rotary Engine.
I like a sense that how does it work at last.
Its brake of engine does not work, and the fuel expenses is not good, but I like it.

To roll the tire, different from the reciprocating engine changes a movement of piston to a revolution, the rotar(equal to a piston) works at first.
Do you think that it is reasonable ?

I am interested in this originality, and also think that such hard thing utilized as usual.
here is an itroduction of a history which is the MAZDA Rotary Engine.

It is an age of 1967 that The Rotary Egine's car appear. And an age of 1987, when it comes an anniversary of twenties, a pamphlet that is
"THE ROTARY GRAFFITI 1967-1987" was published.

I remember that I had it by a quiz which present a prize of Le Man.
Finally, I did not go to see Le Man, however, it is my important collection.

**When I was a boy, I remember that I was a student of primary school.
Very fashionable car was same place as usual.
I was impressed with foreign car.
I thought that I have such a car in the nearer future.
I knew that it was just COSMOSPORTS later.
And also, I wanted a car that "Mach Go", when I would be an adult. (^_^) /
Ha! Ha! to tell the truth, "Mach Go" is just only Japanese TV animation !!

Original "THE ROTARY GRAFFITI 1967-1987" is Japanese only, so translate it into English.
This book was published 1987(anniversary of Rotary's twenties) by "MAZDA".
And distributed to only special customer, an article not for sale.
So can not get it today.

Only "The Rotary Graffiti 1967-1987" have English pages.
In Japanese page, there are other items.....But JAPANESE.....

However you can see some pics, Cosmo Sport .. RX-01 ..
... and oter Collections,,,RX-EVOLV, New Rotary engine(RENESIS), etc...

"The Rotary Graffiti 1967-1987"

History of The Rotary Engine Products
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The Development of The Rotary Engine
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Last Updated on Nov.25,1996

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